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Future of VARs: Applications, Access and Data

September 8, 2010

We’re entering the decade of the developer, enterprise infrastructure is a maturing business and the growth for tech is applications. The Solutions Provider Industry was built around finding businesses that have “pain” and “budget”, uncovering and relieving the “pain” with software applications, selling the infrastructure and security to make it all work and, if you want to survive, selling Managed Services and Support Contracts to ensure upkeep and availability (and recurring profitable revenue).

The challenge for Solutions Providers is that they tend to re-sell applications, not develop them. Does this spell trouble? It could – . So the real question is how can your business position itself as a value-add facilitator (and ideally, if its in your DNA, a software developer) of relevant applications for your target customer?

When I worked at Eze Castle Integration, Inc. I learned the value of focusing on and identifying ourselves by an industry vertical (I never defined myself as being a specific vendor’s partner).  Of Eze’s 500 clients more than 90% are Hedge Funds or Trading Firms. Their core business was implementing and managing infrastructure; however, as the world turns towards the decade of the developer, ECI are positioning themselves as application delivery and compliance specialists specifically for their industry vertical. They add value by knowing the nuances of the hedge fund industry and the corresponding regulations, they sell consulting services and they’re well positioned to write APIs and programs that make life easier and more efficient for their clients.  This strategy also helps close deals by having an abundant list of reference-able clients which builds credibility and reduces a potential buyer’s perceived risk.

In a recent blog post from HubSpot where they listed 60 proven ways to increase your online marketing influence, I was struck by #36: Master one niche, own that niche, then use webinar marketing to promote your brand. That one line is invaluable advice.

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