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Value Proposition for Solution Providers

August 26, 2010
Value Proposition for Solution Providers

You Need a Strategy

On my travels as a consultant with Intuition Consulting working individually with the business owners of 40 different targeted Cisco or HP Solution Providers I always started each workshop with a question: What differentiates your business from your competition? The most common answer (usually after some thought) was “our people”. Guess what? The partners that could answer that questions quickly, with confidence and by specifying what differentiates them outperformed those that struggled with the answer.

If you’re the boss you need to know the answer and say it until people are blue in the face! I strongly believe that prospects do not buy on price – they buy on a perceived factor of risk. When a client perceives two options as having the same risk they then buy on price. There’s a factor between how well you communicate what differentiates your business (your Value Proposition) and what customers are willing to pay (Margin) for your services.

What differentiates your business? Do you have your Value Proposition in writing? Can everyone  in your corporation message it? If the answer is no you’re leaving money on the table and you’re allowing your prospects to think there’s no risk in using the outfit down the street.

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